28 Lis, 00:26 28.11.2021 (Poland 13:04 pm)

POLAND, LAND OF THIEVES From my account someone stole 13 PLN, and once again, thief account: PKO BP Centrum Korporacyjne I 88 1020 5590 0000 0802 8360 1010 As usual congratulations to very poor director of ZUS.

27 Lis, 00:26 27.11.2021 (Poland 05.46 am)

If about hand-painted porcelain; 'cause of robbered scientific description (in english language )about butterflies ( my favourite one), unnecessary porcelain with this design is not available now (only few kind of butterflies, eventually). I need to buy new description, but is very expensive and I can't find it in Poland. 'Cause of disadvantages, I'm terribly sorry.

25 Lis, 00:26 25.11.2021 (Poland 02:34 am)

PLEASE, don't send to me stupidies (I mean calls, sms, mms, e-mails, every kind of contact), I have microbusiness and my friends'll not understand this, neither do I. 'Cause of my deleted messages You should go in prison. I don't know, these days people have psychological problems because of some computer's games, so maybe this is the reason, but it's normal, interesting job for authors and players (testers), and money of course.

22 Lis, 00:26 02:49 am Poland

And if someone had some problems because of me, I'm sorry, it wasn't my way to have a little changes make better things and see friends after years.

17 Lis, 00:26 17.11.2021 (Poland 04:37 am)

Everything "cause of stupidity, ignorance and greed. And in the middle, most of my work is destroyed. Congratulations.You can eat all this robbered things and drink soda-water.