17 Wrz, 23:49

17.09.2021 (02:16 Poland am). I work very hard for years ,to make my products better, to make my website better,to have good contacts with my clients all-over the world.I don't understand, why someone wants to destroy my job,my friends,my clients.I do everything myself,every month I make payment to US. Why someone steal my business messages from my e-mail and money I earn,system in my mobile? For years some criminal organization terrorized me about money,so I pay,pay and pay,and they want more,more,and more.I have no car but I pay insurance,even my modem was stolen. I was terrorized to pay some insurance to some ZUS,I pay, pay ,and pay. Regulations changed in 2014-any payment only more than 200 000 PLN sales for year,I don't have it ,of course.As I see ,I pay 6 years a lot of money 'cause some criminal organization,but not anymore. A lot of times they want to murder me,maybe 'cause of that.

16 Wrz, 23:49

16.09.2021 (08:53 Poland am) Strange,why thief thinks, that he is some director ?Is it some kind of sickness? Maybe this thief, who thinks,that he is director should go to doctor? But doctor should be a doctor ,not a thief, who thinks,that he is doctor. Who's gonna give back my all stolen money?

16 Wrz, 23:49

16.09.2021 (14:53 Poland am) Thieves; example: I had credit card( just short view, not used yet, 2100 PLN for something new).The day after 200 PLN disappeared and now credit is not available.Two days ago someone stole money from my account,so 'cause of that . In this area ,to have business is like to have some big to havy shoes in whole your life.

16 Wrz, 23:49

As I see Orange has thieves too.Oh,they have no money and food? Maybe some cake will be better?

16 Wrz, 23:49 16.09.2021 (07:09 Poland am)

I'll not to talk with thieves and murderers,or see them,I'll never do this. It doesn't make sense to explain thief, that he is thief,and murderer,that he is murderer. I'm going to get back all stolen things and money,and then ,it just only my private case.