27 Lip, 06:26 27.07.2021 (07:44 Poland am)

I need professional help to get out thiefs from my private business e-mail and mobile. If someone can do this and is interested in, please call: (+48) 517 503 367,send sms,mms or e-mail:agata@blue-bird.pl. I know ,now we have holidays but it's very important for me.I changed place and must work 'cause I'm not a thief,maybe this is my mistake?

19 Lip, 06:26 19.07.2021 06:08 (Poland am)

Someone delated my private e-mails (messages) to and from clients !

17 Lip, 06:26 17.07.2021(Poland am)

Someone is connect with my mobile. This is not possible to have two localizations exactly at the same time! Is'nt it? I wonder if thief couldn't buy his own mobile , with his own localization?

Application? 15 Lip, 06:26 15.07.2021 (Poland pm)

I have some application?(strange).I have no idea how it possible, I didn't take (buy) it from store.

Strange sms 14 Lip, 06:26 The same time

It was from 71099,and another one from 73099